Why I am Opposed To The Proposed Onondaga Lake Beach

I saw the Syracuse dotcom article today regarding the proposal for a beach to be built on Onondaga Lake, and I want people to know why I am opposed to building that beach.

Children at splash pad

When hildren play in this water, we feel comfortable about the water quality. Because this water was never polluted the way Onondaga Lake was.

I wouldn't want to swim in this lake, and I wouldn't want my grandchildren, or yours to swim in it either. I am completely opposed to using any taxpayer money, county or state or Federal, for this purpose.The government should be doing things that are helpful to people who NEED it. Everyone complains about taxes, this is just another thing that is going to cost taxpayers money. We have Jamesville and Oneida Shores, and we really dont NEED another beach. I think we could invest in having better bike and walking paths around the lake, and consider investing in low cost, air conditioned, community transportation, from the city to the beaches and county parks we have.

There are plenty of ways we can enjoy proximity to this lake, without needing to put ourselves or our children where they risk repeated skin or inhalation exposure or accidental swallowing of this water. While the lake cleanup has been deemed successful by professional engineers, I still think it makes much more sense for our families to enjoy recreation where water has never been tainted to the extent this lake was.

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Here is a link to the article, if you want to read it.